How to Stay Cool While Camping {50 Actionable Cool Tips}

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Camping is undoubtedly one of the most preferred vacation goals. It contributes to being one of the most thrilling experiences, people look forward to.

The feeling of sitting near the bonfire while sharing stories with your beloved ones, singing, dancing are sure to give you serious vacation goals.

During the winter season, people put on high-tech jackets, sweaters, for keeping themselves cozy while roaming around the campfire.

However, those popular camping summer days are often associated with a higher temperature that plays an indispensable role in making outdoor time really comfortable.

In case you do not have the luxury and comfort of air-conditioned RV, campers keep looking for different options to stay cool and avoid heat-related injuries and illnesses.

As the weather becomes scorching hot, there are a bunch of ways for keeping yourself cool while being safe during the trip and making it more enjoyable.

Here are some techniques you can opt for in order to make the camping trip really a pleasant one:

Inside Tent

Inside Tent

You can hang a space age or tarp over the tent for keeping it cool. You need to hang the other tarp on the first one for obstructing the rays of the sun.

It is recommended to keep one or two foot of air space between the tent and the lower tarp along as well as between the tarps.

However, prior to hanging them, you need to ensure that the campground permits the hanging of these pieces of stuff from the trees.

In case it is too hot, you can add insulation, either a survival blanket or a tarp under the blanket for eliminating the heat that is radiating from the ground.

Make sure to orient the tent and allow the breeze to blow. You should make sure to keep the windows of the tent open during the day.

In case your tent can be erected without encountering many hurdles, it is a good idea to take it down during morning time and setting the same up during night time again. This is helpful in removing the buildup of heat.

Size of the Tent

Size of the Tent

Though the size of the tent may appear to be an insignificant factor, it plays a vital role when it comes to determining the temperature inside the tent.

In case you are planning to go camping with your spouse, you will require a tent for 2 persons. However, if more than two people are going to sleep in the tent, you need to opt for a tent of a big size.

Tents of large size are helpful in enhancing the flow of air, thereby translating to a calm and cool atmosphere. The tents of large size are helpful in the creation of additional space inside the room for the accommodation of larger section of people and enhancing the smooth flow of air.

Reduce the number of people that are going to sleep in a single tent

sleep in a single tent

As the number of people that are going to sleep inside the tent increases, there are chances that it is going to be really hot inside.

This is due to the fact that the circulation of air really becomes challenging and heat cannot escape from the tent anymore.

As you limit the total count of people that are going to sleep inside the tent, you can be ensured that there will be proper circulation of air, thereby ensuring that heat is going to be escaped from the tent. This will help in keeping the tent really cool.

Set your tent under the shade

tent under the shade

A shade renders protection to the tent from the direct influence of the sun. This is helpful for the prevention of overheating at day time.

For getting a shade for setting the camp, you can choose Aluminum camping shade that will render protection to the inside of the tent from the direct sunlight. It will deflect the heat and increase the sufficient flow of air at the same time.

Keep a poncho liner below the tent

poncho liner

During the summer season, the ground is known to absorb an ample amount of heat, penetrating into the tent and causing the same to heat up.

A poncho liner is helpful for the prevention of the heat from the ground. It penetrates into the tent, thereby keeping the temperature inside the tent cool. You should keep the poncho liner under the tent in order to keep yourself cool.

Keep yourself hydrated

family drinking juice on camping

The best option for keeping yourself cool during the scoring heat of the sun is drinking an ample amount of water, juice, etc. Due to the heat, the body should be sweating for cooling down and it requires an ample amount of water for replacing the fluid.

You should be taking small sips frequently. There is a wide assortment of hikers that make use of water bladder along with the drinking tube which is kept in the backpack. Owing to the easier access to water, travelers do not need to take out the bottle time and again.

Set your tent in the small pit

camping tent in the pit

If you are willing to go camping in this summer, you have to put extra efforts in order to ensure the comfort and convenience of yourself and your family during the trip.

The tent can be placed into the ground after digging a small pit. You should make sure that the pit is around two feet deep. Though digging the pit involves a lot of challenges and can make you fatigue, you are going to find the results worth it.

Opt for light clothing

light clothing

When you are going to sleep in the tent, it is recommended to wear lighter clothes. It is preferred to say no to clothes of dark color.

Dark colored clothes are known for absorbing a lot of heat, that may cause the heating up of the tent. As you wear light clothes with bright color, it will be helpful in the deviation of the heat away, thereby increasing the sufficient circulation of air.

Do not place the tent in a crowdy place

tent in a crowdy place

Crowds are rowdy and loud at times. In case a festival is taking place at the campsite, you should be placing the tend at a distance from the crowd. This is helpful in absorbing a lot of heat and creating a private atmosphere for the campers.

Tent Design

Tent Design

If you intend to set the tent in the hot areas, you need to go for the perfect design. By choosing the suitable design, you can be ensured that the vents can be opened manually and propped up.

This is beneficial in the reduction of condensation, present inside the tent. You can go to a tent, having a rain fly. This is due to the fact that it will be helpful for the prevention of the sunshine, that may cause the warming up of the tent.

As you choose a tent with rainfall, the tent will boast of dual walls. In between them, sufficient circulation of air will be provided which will provide a cooling effect to the tent.

Choose a breathable tent

breathable tent

A breathable tent is helpful in the smooth circulation of air. During summer, the 2-season tent can be an excellent choice.

In order to choose a breathable tent, you should be opting for a tent, having windows that are comprised of the light material, that is meshed.

The tent material contributes to being a major factor while buying the tent for the camping. You need to go for a tent, having at least two windows for ensuring proper ventilation and enhancing the circulation of air.

For ensuring durability, you need to pick a tent, composed of cotton materials, that will be really helpful in order to keep you cool during the scoring heat of the sun.

A tent made of cotton is more effective for keeping you cool in comparison to the tents, composed of nylon and polyester. Cotton is a breathable material and an amazing insulator.

It leads to condensation, thereby making itself the perfect choice for the camping tent during those hot days. In case you are planning your trip during the season without rainfall, you can remove the rainfall so that the heat does not get trapped inside the tent. This will be limiting the circulation of air.

Carry few cooling products to the camping spot

cooling products to the camping spot

As you intend to go on a camping trip on those hot days, it is recommended to carry a cooler and ice. As you place the ice and cooler inside the room, you will get a cooling effect in the tent throughout the night.

Keep a few cubes of ice in a dish and keep the same in a strategic place within the tent, where the cooling effect is going to be significant.

The dish, you are going to select is going to be big enough for holding the water, after the meltdown of the ice. The camping fan is considered to be another option to maintain a cool atmosphere during the summer.

This is however not a viable option during dry camping. This is due to the fact that you require electricity for its operation. In case of absence of electricity, a battery of 12 volts is essential for running the camping fan.

You need to take a look that the camping fan is not blowing at the wall of the tent directly. Instead, you need to place the fan in a direction so that the tent blows on you while you are sleeping.

The market is filled with tent air conditioners which are the prime choice of the campers owing to the portability. This is definitely an ideal choice in order to keep the tent cool.

If you have a tent, measuring 150 sq. ft., you can opt for the tent air conditioners, with 5000BTU rating. You, however, need a 15 amps extension cord and a power source for the same. You should ensure that the cord is heavy duty so that it can bestow support to the tent air conditioner.

Take the direction of the wind into consideration while setting the tent

setting the tent

You need to place the tent in a position so that the meshed windows let the window to pass through, thereby allowing the circulation of air.

This plays an integral role in maintaining the cool temperature inside the tent. You need to place the tent in a position so that it faces the direction of the breeze.

Try leaving the entrance of the tent open. You also need to open all the windows of the tent throughout the day. You can opt for a tent with a wide array of windows for enhancing the circulation of air.

Pick the ideal time to set up the tent

ideal time to set up the tent

Placing the tent is recognized to be an easy task for people who are fond of camping. During the summer days at noon, the sun is known to be scorching hot.

Hence, it is recommended to set the tent during the sunset in the evening. Do not forget to bring it down in the morning before sunrise.

This is helpful in the prevention of build-up of heat within the tent at daytime. You are not going to feel too cold at night time as the tent will be retaining some amount of heat.

Set a camp near a water body

camp near a water body

As you go camping during the summer season, setting your camp near the water bodies is a great idea. You will be able to take a dip into the lake or river while you feel hot in order to keep your body cool in the scoring heat of the sun.

Thus, you do not require planning activities in order to keep yourself cool. You can carry an inflatable ring, frisbee, beachball for the purpose.

This is the mantra to a happy and cool camping during summer. The presence of a small stream near your camp is sufficient in order to keep you cool during the summer.

Sleep on thin sheets

sleeping bag

In order to keep yourself cool during summer camping, say no to the sleeping bag and make use of the thin cotton sheet.

You can also opt for a sleeping bag liner that will be helpful in keeping yourself cool in comparison to cotton. It is helpful in drying quickly and dealing with additional sweat in an effective manner.

Sleeping in the hammock

Sleeping in the hammock

One of the best options for staying cool during night time is getting elevated and choose hammock for sleeping. The absence of a mattress under you are integral in order to keep yourself cool.

Reflective thermal survival blankets

thermal survival blankets

In case there is no shade around the home, you can utilize reflective survival blankets. They act as a heat shield and help in keeping the heat away from the tent. You should place them a few feet above the tent.

Replenish the electrolytes

electrolytes for body while camping

In case you sweat a lot during those hot days, you are losing salt along with water. Hence, you should add a few electrolyte tablets to the water.

You can also prepare a drink of your own by mixing lemon juice, salt, and sugar into the water. This is vital in order to stay active during summer while you are sweating a lot.

Consume cold food

cold food for camping

A lot of people tend to lose their appetite in the heat. Hence, it is considered to be a perfect time for having some cool salads. They can be prepared at ease, and at times, do not need any cooking.

You can also go for an ample amount of vegetables and fruits for making yourself feel lesser sluggish in comparison to filling cooked meals. This is definitely an ideal choice as the heat drips out your energy.

Try loose clothes

loose clothes while camping

If your clothes are too tight and restrictive, they can make you more annoyed during the summer. You are going to feel irritable as you turn the thermostat up.

Hence, you should say a big no to those skin-tight jeans, tight waistbands. Instead of that, you can select shirts, skirts, baggy pants that will let air to flow inside the clothing.

Wear a hat

Wear a hat in the camping area

Though wearing a hat makes you feel sweaty and hot, it is essential to keep the hot sun away from you. Wearing a hat is certainly a wonderful idea for avoiding the heat stroke.

Pick a hat with a brim for rendering some additional protection from the sun. For getting maximum protection, you should select a hat, having the UPF rating of 50.

Soak the hat

Soak the hat

In case you find the weather is too hot to handle, you can soak the hat in the water prior to putting it on. You can also do it with a buff or a bandana and place the same around the neck. The cool water is helpful for trickling the back in an amazing manner.

Make sure to wear sandals

women wear sandals in camping

It is recommended to pick hiking sandals in lieu of boots and shoes during camping. This will confer a nice feeling.

It is also helpful for reducing the risks of the hot foot pain and helps in the prevention of building up of sweat. It is also useful in enhancing the risks of the blisters.

Try sunscreen

sunscreen in camping

It is recommended to wear sunscreen during the hot and sunny conditions. You should ensure to pick a sunscreen with a high SPF rating and reapply the same throughout the day.

If you are setting your camp near a water body and will be in and out of the water every now and then, try choosing a waterproof sunscreen.

Go for moisture wicking socks

shoes and socks for camping

In case you are trying to explore areas where shoes are a must or in case you are planning to go hiking, it is recommended to choose hiking shoes of lightweight.

Opt for moisture wicking and thin hiking socks that will be useful in the prevention of additional sweating along with discomfort.

Go up the hills

camping in hills

If you find that getting into the cold water is not sufficient for beating the heat, it is recommended to place your camp at high altitude above the ground.

The temperature is really low and the breeze is cooler. The views on the hills are definitely better as compared to the valleys. Though it may take a lot of hard work for hiking up to the top, you are going to love it once you reach there.


family tubing in camping

Tubing is yet another option to go on a cool and fun adventure. You should carry a waterproof bag, an inflatable ring, and jump into the slow-moving river for exploring around.

Wild Swimming

man jumping in river

Getting into cold water happens to be the most enjoyable and obvious option for staying entertained during the summer season.

You should find out some wild spots for swimming and spend your day while getting in and out of the water. Apart from being an excellent adventure, it is a wonderful option for staying active in the heat.

Stay active before the sun is above your head

two people starts hiking before sunrise

As soon as the sun rises in the morning, you need to get up. If you gain success in rising before the sun early, you will be able to avoid the horrible heat.

Thus, you will be able to enjoy the beauty of nature during the calmest and coolest time of the day. Thus, you will have a lot of time for replenishing your energy in order to explore again during the sunset.

You are not going to have a peaceful sleep if you spend your entire day in the scoring heat of the sun. During your camping, you certainly want to make the best use of the time.

You want to hike, surf, and swim. Go for it and enjoy to the fullest but avoid the sun during the middle part of the day. You should be planning your trip during the late afternoon and early morning.

Do not forget to pick UV protection garments. If you get a sunburn, the body will send blood to those affected areas for healing, the creation of heat.

Keep the food cold

camp cooler

Consuming cool food is a great option in order to keep yourself cool and calm during the summer. However, keeping the food cold at the camping site comes with a lot of challenge.

Block ice happens to be an integral option for maintaining cold storage for a longer period of time. It is going to last for a longer period of time as compared to the cubes.

In case you carry a solid outpost, you will be able to make it while freezing jugs of water. You may need to do a little work for finding an ice factory in the larger towns so that you can get fresh supplies for few days.

Coolers are also an effective option in this regard as they have the ability for retaining ice for a longer time. Thus, they are recognized to be a solid investment. Camp coolers of premium quality are effective in keeping the ice cool for a time span of five days.

Keep the bugs away

bug sprayer for camping

No-see-ums, bugs, sand fleas, stand out of the ordinary in ruining your outdoor time. As the wind dies, those bugs can annoy you to the chore.

There are increased risks of getting dengue due to this. Covering the body is a good option but bug spray is an excellent choice in this regard. You should ensure to pick a tent with a lot of options.

Thus, with the removal of rain fly, you will be able to get the flow of air. You should be spraying down the tent with the insect repellent.

In case you are planning to go for hammock camping, you should bring any type of bug netting. Smoke is also a wonderful option in order to keep the bugs away.

You will be able to carry on with your camping trip at ease as you opt for the above-mentioned options to stay cool during summer. Make sure to take the required items to enjoy your trip in a perfect manner.

Shower Before Bed

women taking shower outdoor camping

As mentioned above, setting a camp near a water body is an ideal option for a wide array of reasons. You should take a simple and cold shower or you can swim before going to bed.

This is really helpful for bringing the temperature of the body really down and ensuring that you are going to get an adequate amount of sleep. As the body relaxes, you will be able to stay cool and have a wonderful sleep at the night.

Tips To Stay Cool While Camping
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