How Much Do Pop Up Campers Weigh: {Why Campers Need To Know}

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Pop up campers are recognized to be an ideal option for the emergency shelter and even for those camping trips. If you love to go camping on a regular basis and do not want to sleep in a tent anymore, they are definitely the best options for you.

They also come handy in case you are going to plan for the natural disasters or you are left in the middle of nowhere without shelter during an emergency.

They bestow high comfort and you can purchase them without burning a hole in your pocket. It is possible to store them virtually at any place. It is also possible to tow them by any sort of vehicle.

The weight of the popup campers differs in accordance with the tow vehicle and your personal needs. You can opt for a camper of big size in accordance with the size of the ride.

However, it is not possible for every person to afford the campers of large size. Some of them have the weight of 600 pounds whereas the large ones come with a weight of more than a ton.

Vehicles that are equipped with a hitch and wheels can manage the smallest campers.

How Much Do Pop Up Campers Weigh?

Small Pop up Campers Weigh

The weight of the popup campers of smallest size is around 500 lbs. They needed to be towed across the country with the aid of two doors and 4 cylinder vehicle.

In case you are an individual with simple requirements, this is going to be an ideal choice for you. The weight of the vehicle is not going to bother you.

It is possible to take turns on the road without taking the stress of heavier load on your back. The mini pop up campers are a bit heavier but they are smaller enough to cater to your needs.

They come with the weight of 650 pounds. You can manage them with small vehicles. They have a good amount of space and include added space inside for the storage of survival basics and camping.

Medium Pop up Campers Weigh

If you are looking for a camper to accommodate a few more pillows and blankets, the campers of mid-size are the most suitable option for you.

They come with the weight of 800 to 1000 lbs and need an engine of bigger size with more towing capacity. However, you need to take more care of the turns, spend some more bucks on the gas owing to the bit heavier hauling.

The traveling rate will be a bit slow which will, however, be anyway as you will have few pets or your kid.

Large Pop up Campers Weigh

There is a wide array of pop up campers of the largest size that weighs around 2,000 lbs. A large vehicle is a prerequisite for bearing that amount of weight along with the extra weight, that you are going to carry.

These campers of large size are considered to be an excellent space for large families. If you intend to spend a long span of time in the camper and need to accommodate a list of survivalist, these campers are ideal for you.

They are known to be the best options for the extended vacations. The camps of large size come with extra beds, shelving, large living area, kitchenette. You will be having added space for the storage of the trip.

Why Is It Important To Know How Much Pop-Up Campers Weigh?

Like other portable shelters, available in the market, the popup campers are available in a wide array of sizes. The smallest ones measure around 210 pounds.

They are capable of accommodating two adults, having the weight of 290 pounds. There are campers of eight ft that weighs around 1,400 pounds. They have the capability of fitting four people at ease.

They have an ample amount of space, even for a living room and a restroom. The deluxe ones, on the other hand, has the weight of 2,000 pounds. The added measurement is a prerequisite in order to accommodate the cabinets and fully functional kitchen.

It is a prerequisite to gain information about the weight of the popup campers as it has an impact on the difficulty of the trip and convenience.

You need to keep in mind that these shelters are not similar to the canopy tent that is packed inside the compartment. It is necessary to attach the camper to the back side of the vehicle, thereby hauling it.

Every mobile does not have a similar maximum towing capacity. Pulling the 1,800-pound trailer is certainly not a wise decision with anything lesser than trucks or SUV of full size.

Apart from this, the engine may require functioning really hard and as soon as it happens, the car is going to consume more fuel for the production of more energy.

As you have information about the weight of the popup campers, you will have the idea whether your vehicle has the ability to handle the weight. This additional detail is sufficient for preventing you in order to struggle on the road.

Better Fuel Efficiency Campers

As you conduct a thorough research on the campers, you are sure to find some of the models, having an amazing balance between the size and space.

It is recommended to opt for a camper trailer, that has the weight of almost 840 pounds. It is a suitable option for people who are searching for a lighter model in order to be used by the cars and having a better fuel efficiency.

At such weight rating, it is possible to get campers, in order to get an improved accommodation so that people feel convenient while staying inside.

You also need to keep the visibility issues in mind so that the camper will not create an obstruction while you are looking via the real mirror.

How the weight of the camper has an impact on travel

Prior to hitting the road, you need to know that the weight of the popup camper is going to have an effect on the vehicle, you are going to choose which has an effect on the destination.

The campers of large size are going to get hauled by SUV or large truck. The manual of the fuel-efficient sedan has the capability of towing 1,500 pounds.

The size of the camper also has an impact on the safe handling of the same by the vehicles at higher speeds and the visibility while running on roads.

It is recommended to opt for a good balance between the capabilities of the tow vehicle and the weight of the camper in order to manage the sightseeing, gas mileage, and the well being and safety of your family.

Why Choose a Popup Camper?

Here are some of the top reasons why people love to go for pop up campers:

Small Size

Pop up campers of small size are available in accordance with your requirements. Thus, it is possible to take them to the desired destination without encountering much hurdles as they occupy the least amount of space.

Thus, you will be able to take other items for the purpose of RV camping. Owing to the smaller size, it is possible for the pop-up campers to tow as well as store.


As these products are lighter in weight, they play an indispensable role in order to make your camping experience less tiresome. As they can be folded at ease, it is possible to transport the additional camping accessories, ensuring that all the stuff have been taken.

They allow the best use of the extra storage areas present at the bunk beds for the storing of extra materials, required at the campground.

In case you already have a car, you can be ensured that towing the camper is not going to be an issue for you. You do not need to invest in a new vehicle.

It is possible to unhook the camper from the vehicle without any hassles from the car after arriving at the destination. The same is true as you own the RV and cannot separate the parts of the car from the camper.


One of the most prominent reasons owing to which people love the popup campers is due to the fact that they involve a reduced cut off from the pocket.

In case you are searching for the RV, you are going to have a change in your mind as you find the weight and the rates of the pop campers.

The campers differ in rates and the market is filled with budget-friendly models to the most expensive ones, catering to the requirements of the traveler. At times, added accessories also come with the model.

As the popup campers are available at reasonable rates, they are the most preferred choices to a wide array of the campers. People love to go camping once in a while and they do not want it to be an expensive venture.

The popup campers contribute to being a perfect option in this regard as they can be availed at the most affordable prices. The best thing about these campers is that you can avail them at different rates. Thus, you can pick on even in case you are having a tight budget.

Hassle Free Storage

When the camping season is over, It is possible to fold the camper to a smaller size and store the same. Hence, a bunch of people loves to go for it since they can get the product of the best compact size which is necessary for the storage purpose. As you choose them, you can be ensured that they are not going to consume a lot of your storage space.

Easy Customization

With regards to customization, it is recommended to find the right kind of camper. The campers are known to be designed in a manner that you will be getting added options, in case of emergency.

In such campers, you are going to find air conditioners, hot water heaters, bathrooms, toilet, gas and a plethora of different options. In accordance with your budget, it is possible to customize it as to suit your requirements.

These campers are equipped with their own canvasses and thus you can unzip them in order to allow sufficient air inside. You need to allow the flow of a sufficient amount of air inside the camper, in order to ensure your comfort at a specific time.

The popup campers have numerous benefits and thus they have become the prime choice of people during camping in these days.

They are known to be the cheapest options for the tents for different types of camping activities.

Important Things To Consider Before Hauling A Pop Up Camper?

For determining the weight of the camper, it is essential to give a consideration to few factors. Here are few points you need to consider before understanding how much the popup campers are going to weigh:

Camper Size:

The size of the camper will have an impact on how perfectly, the vehicle is going to maneuver on the road. Safety is crucial and the weight of the camper will have an influence on the comfort, the wear, and tear of the vehicle, during travel.

Small Size Camper:

In case you are having a small car or van you in case you are planning to size up the vehicle, campers of the small size should be ideal. The campers of small size have the weight of around 500 to 650 pounds.

They are sufficient in order to accommodate two people in addition to the basic camping accessories.

One of the prominent reasons owing to which people are fond of these pop campers of small size is due to the fact that they can be navigated around the turns at ease.

They are known to be lighter in weight and you can be ensured that they are not going to topple over. The size of the camper is considered to be a crucial parameter for determining how fast it is possible to ride on the road.

In case the camper is large in size, it will create an obstruction on the visibility of other road users. Campers of large size will have an impact on the speed and utilize more gas.

These popup campers that come with the weight of 650 pounds include added space for storage along with a large interior.

Medium Size Camper:

There is a wide array of pop up campers of mid-size that has the weight of 800-1000 pounds. You will require an engine of slightly large size for the purpose of more gas per mile and tow.

In case the camper is heavier, added strain is going to occur on the vehicle. Heavier campers are known to move at speed, slightly lower on the road. However, it is easy to tow the campers of medium size.

Large Size Camper:

There are a bunch of large pop-up campers that come with the weight of 2,000 pounds. In case you drive a truck or an SUV of large size, they have the capacity of handling the weight, in addition to the camping gear.

The campers of large size are considered to be a suitable option for larger groups or families. They are useful for handling the extended road trips without any hassles.

They boast of an added interior space along with different types of amenities. They include additional space for sleeping, storage. living area and kitchen. You, however, need to be slow while turning to ride around the beach terrain, hills, and turns.

Cargo Capacity:

You need to make a check on the cargo or payload capacity for determining the weight of the popup campers. Cargo or payload capacity is recognized to be the maximum weight, that can be handled by the vehicle.

It is inclusive of cargo, occupants, accessories along with the weight that needs to be placed on the trailer hitch. It is essential to give a careful consideration to the additional weight, you are planning to carry in the camper.

Extra weight will be inclusive of water that has the weight of almost 8 pounds per gallon. The generators can weigh almost 90 pounds.

Food, bags, pet, racks, coolers, trailer hitch, spare tires, all enhance the weight of the camper. In case you are going to take slide outs, they are going to consume an extra 800 pounds on the camper.

Size and Space:

It is essential to maintain a good balance between the camper and the vehicle. It is crucial to give a consideration to the size and space, prior to buying the camper.

In case of additional weight on the back of the vehicle, an imbalance may be formed between rear and front axles. The additional weight on the rear axle will be placing additional pressure on the tires.

In case, the weight on the front axles are too less, that will have a negative impact on the maneuvering of the vehicle on the varying terrain.

Maximum Towing Capacity:

The maximum towing capacity contributes to being the total weight of the trailer that can be carried by the vehicle under the normal circumstances.

If the total weight is subtracted from the occupants or cargo, it gives the maximum towing capacity. While purchasing the popup campers, you should not be using the maximum towing capacity of the camper.

It is recommended to allow some amount of wiggle room, during the purchase. The actual size may differ slightly. A good gauge can add up to 1,500 pounds of weight to the original camper weight.

The resultant weight should be less than eighty percent of the total vehicle weight. Additional weight will have a negative impact on the transmission over the time and will bring a reduction at the speed of travel, especially uphills.

Hitch weight:

The hitch weight comprises of tires and axle of the camper along with the tongue of the trailer. These added pounds are transferred to the weight of the vehicle directly with the aid of the trailer hitch.

It is recommended to select the hitch of the right size so that it can accommodate both the tongue weight and the weight of the trailer adequately.

Dry Hitch Weight:

The dry hitch weight is considered to be the total weight which can be attached to the trailer ball of the vehicle without the gear and water. You can calculate the weight by adding the weight of the hitch, the tires, and the camper.

The dry hitch weight should be less than 10 percent of the total weight of the trailer. The average dry hitch weight of the 25-inch trailer should be around 500 pounds.

You can best opt for the dry weight of 3,500 pounds so that the gross weight can be less than 5,000 pounds. In accordance with few experts, an additional 20% is allowed between the weight capacity of the vehicle, cargo, and the occupants.

Unloaded Weight:

The weight of the trailer is known to be the unloaded weight of the popup camper. It does not include any gear of water. It is crucial to gain information on the uploaded weight in order to plan the trip in an effective manner.

It will have an impact on how much weight it is possible to carry that will have an influence on the comfort, safety, and navigation.

Gross Weight:

The total weight of the trailer, the tanks and the average load of the gear gives the sum total of the popup camper. The gross weight is considered to be the weight that can be handled by each tire, the weight of the tongue, the weight of the hitch.

It is based on the tire capacity of the trailer, instead of the actual weight of the camper.

Adjustment of the Altitude:

You need to check the towing rate. In case you are going to rid on higher altitudes, it is essential that your vehicle will be experiencing reduced towing capacity as well as engine power.

As you climb the higher altitude, the air is going to get thinner. You should make sure that the towing rate is minimum 2 percent of the altitudes up to 1,000 ft above the sea level. You require reducing the speed as well as gears in accordance with that.


Safety is considered to be another factor that has an impact on the weight of the pop-up campers. Maneuverability, speed, and traction are considered to be safety factors that have an effect on the weight of the pop-up campers.

In case a trailer is more than 3,000 pounds, the trailer brakes are essential. It is possible to install the trailer brake present inside the tow vehicle without any hassles.

In case you are buying the new pop up campers, you should opt for one with the tow-haul mode. This mode plays a vital role in adjusting the transmission and shift cycles for navigating while going downhill safely.

Storage Capacity:

This depends on your storage requirement. You should go for a camper which can be folded into the smaller sizes at ease, once the camping season is over.

The campers should be folded down so that they can fit in the garage or other space, that are at a close proximity to home for security and safety purposes.

Few models are comprised of canvas that can be folded without any hassles for making the best use of the limited space.

Fuel Efficiency:

The weight of the campers also have an effect on how slow or fast, your ride is going to be. The weight will have an effect on the amount of fuel, that will be used for every mile and how far, one can go during the trips.

It is crucial to managing the fuel costs during sightseeing in order to have an enjoyable and comfortable trip. It is recommended to opt for a pop-up camper that will maintain a good balance between the camper and the weight of the vehicle.

Weight and Accessories:

The popup campers can be carried at ease. While considering the right weight as well as the accessories for suiting the vehicle, it is known to be a breeze.

Campers can be hooked up to the existing vehicle without any hassles. As you reach the destination, unhitching should be done in an efficient manner without any hassles.


The total count of luxurious features, a pop-up camper has an impact on the weight of the popup campers. If budget is not an issue, you can opt for a camper that has the prerequisite space for a lot of bunks, the shower area, kitchen, sink.

There is an extra room so that people can cook and enjoy without encountering any hassle.


You should take the convenience factor into account for setting up the same. You should take a look whether it is simple enough for attaching the same to your vehicle.

Choosing a popup camper is dependent on your camping requirements and your vehicle. You should choose a model that will bestow the ultimate performance so that you do not need to worry about investing in a new model again.

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