Best 20 Luxury Camping Resorts in The U.S

If we are being honest, camping isn’t for everybody. Whether it is for the germs, absence of plumbing, or sleeping on the ground, the outdoors can feel more of a catastrophic event than an exciting voyage for a lot of folks.

Glamping – another term for “luxury camping” – is here to change that. Rather than the extremely cold sleeping bags and the hard ground, glamping normally includes comfy blankets, feather beds, and a flushing toilet sometimes.

When you go on a luxury camping, you get to enjoy every amenity usually seen in luxury hotels set in a natural habitat that is far from the city.

So, if luxury camping or glamping sounds like something you would love to try, either with your girlfriend or your wife, you have come to the right page.

A variety of luxury camping resorts are now available across the United States, from iconic (and costly) ranches in Colorado to more affordable El Cosmico in Texas.

We have rounded up 20 of the best luxury camping resorts in the US. Prioritizing those that have stunning surroundings and excellent interior design, you are sure to find the one that suits your taste

Collective Retreats

Collective Retreats is the place where camping is taken to an entire new level. With fancy tents set in places where it is nearly impossible for even traditional hotels to exist, this is where you need to be for an unforgettable getaway.

The company collaborates with different property-owners to set up about fifteen tents in every location and offers guests meals, lodging, and fun activities.

Top of the line décor includes electricity, wood floors, Turkish hotel spas, 1,500-thread-count Egyptian cotton linens, gourmet French-press coffee bars, antler chandeliers, and ensuite private bathrooms.

Mendocino Grove

The Mendocino Grove, situated on a wooded area in front of the Pacific Ocean, is a 20-minute walk or a two-minute drive from the arty Mendocino.

The resort, set up on a 37-acre land area includes 60 classic family tents, and also amenities such as hammocks, picnic tables, games, and hiking trails.

Every tent is equipped with comfy beds, wool blankets, down comforters, lanterns, and cotton linens.

The tent’s floors are constructed with redwood, comfy chairs provide you with a place to unwind, and every campsite has its own fire ring and outdoor table.

A free outdoor breakfast bar is given in each stay, and there are gas barbecues, bathroom facilities, and the property even accommodates dog.

The Ranch at Rock Creek

It doesn’t really get more luxury than this. The Ranch at Rock Creek is a luxury resort located in Montana, and it’s one of the best glamping resorts in the US.

Featuring a stunning lodge for guests to sleep in, this 5-star guest ranch also boasts many large tents that are ideal for ideal for families and couples alike.

High-end meets rustic style in these tents, with several having two rooms divided by a curtain.

In addition, you get a private restroom, two gas stoves, first class bedding, a private deck, and a screened porch.

While the definition of camping is seriously stretched by the Ranch at Rock Creek, the accommodations provided match the most rooms in high-end hotels in New York City – their pricing per night includes everything required for relaxation: housekeeping, gear, premium food and drinks, activities, and transportation.

Asheville Glamping

Asheville Glamping, set on a rustic 15 acre of land property, boasts a variety of different rooms.

Geodesic domes are capable of accommodating larger families, 3 unique Airstreams provide you with vintage feel, and a group of tents consolidate conventional camping with contemporary amenities.

Every safari tent is equipped with a pull-out sleeper sofa and a queen bed so that four people can sleep in the tent. Air conditioning keeps you cool always, while charging outlets and lights mean you do not have to stay off grid completely.

You remain cool during the evening, while lights and charging outlets mean you don’t have to remain totally off lattice. Additionally, a propane grill and private fire pit allows you to cook beneath the stars

Posh Primitive

While Posh Primitive isn’t as extravagant as some other luxury resorts around, their log-decorated tents are perfect for people looking to camp in comfortable conditions.

Every stay includes standard Pendleton wool blankets, comforters, and fine linens, and the canvas tents are equipped with furnishings and antiques crafted by local craftsmen.

Besides, every tent includes a wood stove, and the resort includes a bath house for cleaning.

Furthermore, there is a dining lodge which hosts the meals included, and several of the ingredients used are obtained from the garden on-site. The resort is also dog friendly, which is a good news to dog owners.

Under Canvas

Under Canvas, being one of the biggest luxury camping companies in the US, has found out the recipe to success: basic and deluxe accommodations in superb conditions.

Under Canvas provides a variety of various tents to select from, some with bathrooms that feature a shower, a flushing toilet, and a sink.

Luxury tents feature a private deck and a wood stove, whilst suites are perfect for families due to both the lounge area and the bedroom wing that includes a leather queen sofa bed.

In addition, you can add a tepee to every tent, and each tent is capable of sleeping up to 4 guests.

Dunton River Camp

Dunton River Camp, boasting 8 large tents on a 500 acre of guest ranch, is a summer-only glamping resort.

Guests have the option to pick between river tents positioned above the west of the Dolores River and mountain tents settled in Aspen trees.

Every tent is equipped with kings-sized begs, gas stoves, ensuite bathrooms, and an outstanding furniture.

At the frontal side of the tent, there is a large shaded deck that provides an ideal perch to enjoy nature, and guests are also provided with mountain bicycles to explore the property.

Ventana Big Sur

If you are looking to have a 5-star luxury sort of camping, Ventana Big Sur might be the ideal resort for you.

Set on a 160-acre of land property, this resort includes a wide range of various accommodations, including fifteen different Redwood and Canyon glamping sites and safari style tent campgrounds.

Every tent is outfitted with a picnic table, natural fiber rugs, a king-sized bed, and separate wood an gas fire pits.

Furthermore, you get to enjoy complimentary morning tea and coffee, daily housekeeping, and access to the fitness center and pools of the resort, and this is one of the swankiest camping resorts.

In addition, guests at Ventana Big Sur have access to a bath house that is fully-stocked with towels and other shower amenities.

The Resort at Paws Up

Set on a 37,000 acre of land, the Resort at Paws Up is one of the most popular luxury camping resorts in the United States.

There are 30 tents in this resort and each tent is equipped with a camp butler, not to talk of the air conditioning, indoor plumbing, and heated blankets for cold weathers.

Also, the Resort at Paws Up includes some of the biggest tents around. The 3-bedroom tents of the resort measure around 1,220 sq. ft., can accommodate 6 guests, and are equipped with 2 bathrooms.

And regardless of the size of the accommodation, all of them feature large decks, feather beds, chic furniture, and daily housekeeping.

El Cosmico

This groovy luxury camping resort includes yurts, tepees, and trailers, but most impressively, the 120 square foot tents.

Every tent is equipped with sturdy canvas walls, wood floors, a queen bed, a chair, and lighting.

High-end towels and linens give you a homelike feeling, and the available electrical outlets mean you can easily charge your devices and will not miss any minute of online presence.

The El Cosmico bathrooms feature showers, toilets, sinks, and a tub, and you there is also a hammock grove in the resort for peaceful swinging. Try not to miss the wood-fired hot tubs obtainable at a fee each night.

Firelight Camps

The Firelight Camps is one of the most famous glamping resorts around as it includes well thought-out tents that sit on stages and contain every amenity normally seen in hotel rooms.

Large beds, plush linens, private balconies, and hardwood floors make everything easy, and extras such as a complimentary, locally-sourced continental breakfast give you a bright morning.

Every tent is illuminated with battery-powered lamps that can charge your devices as well, and mesh screen prevents unwanted bugs from getting in.

There are many activities to engages in at this resort, and you can give bocce ball a try or check out the numerous hiking trails.

Fireside Resort

Contemporary, LEED-certified fancy lodges are what you will get at Fireside Resort situated in Wyoming.

There are 25 lodges in total at this resort and each one features a full kitchen, a fireplace, a fire pit, and a private furnished desk.

There are Tempur-Pedic mattresses in the beds and they are covered in plush linens. Also, every lounge and bedroom are equipped with a flat screen television.

At this resort, there is an excellent blend of 5-star hotel style facilities, a rural campsite environment and the privacy and comfort of a vacation.

El Capitan Canyon

El Capitan Canyon, catering to glampers in the Santa Barbara area, provides safari tents and cedar cabins in towns settled among forests of sycamore and oak trees.

Each tent is constructed on a high wooden deck and visitors have the luxury of choosing between two double beds or queen bed.

Each tent has screened windows, and is provided with towels, bed linens, electric lamps, and a small heater.

The lodges are of different sizes and each one has peal ceilings, front porches, kitchenettes, and standard bathroom amenities.

Also, lodges offer upgraded features such as soaking bathtubs, sleeping lofts, and fireplaces. A WiFi access and a heated swimming pool are among the other extras available to guests.

Dunton Hot Springs

Dunton Hot Springs is the place to head to if you are looking to have a romantic glamping experience. The resort have luxury tents and furnished log cabins.

Every tent is equipped with two mountain bikes for visitors looking to explore the resort and also an en-suite bathroom.

The cabins are hand-built and each one offers exceptional facilities and amenities and can accommodate 2 to 10 guests for sleeping.

Food and drinks, hot springs, and a screening room are all included in the reservation fee.

Additionally, the ranch can be rented for private events, and also for exclusive glamping experienced for around 44 people.

Moose Meadow Lodge

Set in an 86-acre of a quiet beauty, this glamping resort offers one of the most serene environment in the U.S.

Glampers have the luxury of choosing between several themed log cabins, such as The Duck Room, The Teddy Bear Room, The Tree House, or Mountain View Room.

You will find different high-end amenities like terry cloth robes, Jacuzzi spas, a WiFi access, deluxe soaps and shampoos, breakfast, and much more in the resort.

Also, you will get to engage in activities like hiking trails, trout fishing, snowshoes and sleds, and mountain views.

The resort have very comfortable cabins that are equipped with full kitchens and exceptional views. If you are looking to have a great and glamorous camping, this is where to be.

Terra Glamping

Luxury camping always have stunning scenery, along with luxurious amenities and a high standard camping accommodation, and the Terra Glamping ticks all these boxes.

The most exceptional thing about this resort is that you will have full ocean views in each of their tents.

Hovering above the Pacific Ocean, each lodge has the perfect position for stargazing and whale watching. Visitors will get to enjoy down bedding, a queen bed, and furniture that can rival that of a 5-star hotel room.

Additionally, Terra Glamping offers tents for rent in the Catskills, the New York City, and the Hamptons area.

Epic Private Journeys

Epic Private Journeys, situated on the border with Utah, is one of the most charming locations to have a great glamping experience.

Consolidate the fun of the outstanding and rugged territory and amusement of a customary campground with more luxury options and comfort.

Explore slot canyons, coves, and private islands during the day. You will get to unwind in a large, comfy canvas tents whilst your meals are prepared by skilled chefs.

Bali House and Bali Cottage

Settled on Kehena beach, this unique beach paradise offers an excellent way of experiencing the outdoors life in Hawaii, whilst not missing any luxuries.

Be ready to be spoilt in a 1,000 sq. ft cottage of outdoor and indoor living space. You will have fully equipped bathroom, kitchens, high-thread count lines, garden spas, and an awesome view over the ocean.

Hiking, snorkeling, boating, marine sanctuaries, and lava boat tours are all available nearby.

Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo

Situated near Orlando, the Westgate River Ranch Resort & Rodeo is an incredible ranch that offers twenty tents settled in the wild.

The accommodations are cowboy themed, set in a wooded region, and are full furnished with air conditioning and private bathrooms.

Visitors work with private custodian who helps in scheduling activities and making their stay both enjoyable and comfortable.

Further, plus towels and linens are provided, along with complimentary toiletries.

Further concierge services are morning beverage service delivery, firewood delivery, and a night campfire ignited by the concierge.

Overall, you are sure to have an amazing time at this glamping resort.

Sinya on Lone Man Creek

Sinya is a luxury 1-bedroom guesthouse that is located on Lone Man Creek in Texas. The safari tent is outfitted with a fully-equipped kitchen, a clawfoot tub, and a feather cushioned sofa.

Further, visitors are provided with firewood, kayaks, spa bathrobes, s’more fixings, and high-speed WiFi, as well as eco-friendly toiletries and soaps.

This resort was designed to combine eco-conscious practices with a deluxe camping experience without compromising on comfort.

With an outdoor hammock and ceiling fans, along with energy-efficient heating and air conditioning, Sinya offers a private camping experience that gives visitors the feeling of staying at a 5-star hotel

Final Thoughts

Camping, with the rough terrains, the cold sleeping bags, the super hard ground, and the lack of plumbing, is just too much for some people.

Whether you like it or not, the truth is that not everyone is cut out for the rigors of camping.

If you enjoy camping and the feeling of being outdoors, but also like having the luxury of comfy beds, running water, and ensuite bathrooms while camping, it sounds like glamping/luxury camping might be the thing you are looking for.

With the demand for glamping increasing almost every day in the US, the number of glamping resorts have been on the rise as well.

If you are looking for the perfect glamping spot for you and your loved ones, then you should try looking at the 20 we have featured on this article. With the incredible amenities and frills on offer, this is exactly how to camp in style.

Top 20 Luxury Camping Resorts in united states america