Top 5 Best Hitch Bike Racks Reviews in 2023

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Kuat Sherpa 2.0 - 2" - 2-Bike Rack - Gray Metallic, Gray Metallic/Orange Anodize

The Best Hitch Bike Racks Reviews in 2023 (updated)

On travel days with friends or family, you want your dear bike to be a companion. Or your friend and your sister want theirs to be too. That is when the need for the best hitch bike racks appears. The question is, which one should you spend your money on? There are hundreds of options waiting out there. Choose a poor one, and it’ll damage your vehicles. What can suit your fashion, needs, and wallet? Not always the good one must stay at a high price.

Read on as we’ve done the research for you to make a list of Best Bike Racks for Cars, Hitches, SUVs in types of Trailer and Mount.

Listed below are Best Hitch Bike Racks which satisfy both affordability and quality:

Top 5 Best Rated Hitch Bike Racks

#1 Best Rated

Kuat Sherpa 2.0 - 2" - 2-Bike Rack - Gray Metallic, Gray Metallic/Orange Anodize

Kuat Racks Sherpa 2.0-2 Bike Rack:

While we love cyclist-favorite Thule T2 Pro XT 2 (which wins our “Best for Serious Riders”), there are a couple of points that make the Kuat Sherpa our finest general pick. It’s a little lighter than various other versions at around 45 extra pounds and also it’s made out of aluminum, which makes it as light as it can be for all the attributes it offers the table. It’s also tool-free, so you do not have to mess around with a taxing installation. The rack’s additionally been redesigned lately with customer experience put initially, with a few vital renovations in layout we enjoy, like a foot-assisted, hands-free pivot lever that lets users reduce the rack without having to establish all their gear down. Kuat’s likewise designed the front tire ratchet to make launching the wheel a lot easier, while in the back, a co-molded strap maintains wheels shielded.

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#2 Best Rated

Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack, Black

Thule EasyFold XT 2 Hitch Bike Rack:

This Thule bike rack is a premium in the range. It carries perfectly electric bikes, downhill, and heavy mountain bikes thanks to the high-load capacity. The load it can carry are up to 130lbs, or 65lbs for each. Yet the tilted release lever and Aluminum fold-up ramp will help you load your bikes effortlessly.
Bikes are secured and safe on this rack because of the RDT pads, no more worries from shocking or heavy vibration. It can be installed and uninstall without any tools. Users keep praising this Thule EasyFold Bike Rack for the sweat it saves on loading bikes and completely secure. A top choice for heavy bikes.


  • Highly easy loading.
  • Tool-free installation.
  • Two bikes are secured separately to prevent hitting.
  • Easy fold-up and storing.
  • Easy fold-up and storing.
  • Compatible with bikes of various heights.
  • Shock protection technology.
  • Prevent rack and bikes from being stolen due to one-key lock.
  • Able to hold bikes, either top or down tubes.- Rustproofed and sturdy construction.


  • Incompatible with bike frames made of carbon or self-paint.
  • Expensive than the others.
  • Users with fat bikes have to pay another sum for the extra-long wheel straps.

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#3 Best Rated

Swagman XTC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack

Swagman XTC2 Hitch Mount Bike Rack:

This Swagman XTC2 is a decent rack more than you can expect at a very affordable price. Like Thule, it can load two bikes separately without afraid of contact. The installation is easy and takes you only a few minutes. Yet the weight capacity is a maximum 35lbs per bike only, reasonable as for the price. Not everyone would ride a heavy bike, after all.

It’s compatible with most frame sizes, shapes, and styles. It can fit 12″ to 29″ tire sizes, and ideally 20″ to 29″ wheel size. The locking ratchet hooks and locking hitch pin will keep you away from worries of theft.


  • Holding bikes firmly.
  • Lightweight and sturdy.
  • Saving storage space thanks to the foldable system.
  • Easy assembly.
  • The locking system prevents stolen.
  • Affordable price.


  • May not be suitable for carbon-made bikes.
  • Won’t eliminate all shocks from bumps.

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#4 Best Rated

Allen Sports Deluxe 2-Bike Hitch Mount Rack , Silver/Black (522RR)

Allen Sports 2-Bike Hitch Racks:

If you’re not mosting likely to be taking your bikes out on the route all that a lot, Allen’s Sports Deluxe design is a hitch-mounted rack that still flaunts a pleasant cost for occasional users. It fits both 1.25-inch and also 2-inch receivers and also comes in iterations that lug anywhere from two to 5 bikes– enough for the entire household to head out. You can rest assured that the bikes will certainly continue to be both locked in and also stable, also on bumpy mountain roads, thanks to a tie-down cradle system that individually attaches the bikes (though it rotates to bring a significant range of structures) and the no-wobble screw in the hitch. The rack can tilt back so you can get in your trunk without needing to take apart the whole procedure. The installment isn’t entirely tool-free, though it’s not terribly difficult: There are only 3 bolts required to place the hitch rack together. For 2 bikes, there’s a max ability of 70 extra pounds, which must be great for the majority of.

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#5 Best Rated

Thule T2 Pro XT Platform Hitch Bike Rack

Thule T2 Pro XT 2 Bike Rack:

Yes, this set has a rather significant cost and that availability is what took it out of the running for ideal general however this new upgrade on an old fave is high-grade for a few reasons, not least simplicity of use. It needs no tools to install into a two-inch hitch the AutoAttach knob deals with that– and when it’s not being used, the HitchSwitch lever turns the rack up against the trunk of your car. Need to enter into the trunk? The bar can likewise tilt the rack down so you can get into the back, too. The rack is excellent at maintaining bikes safe and secure, also: The racheting arm secure bikes without touching their frames, as well as the two-foot cord lock safeguards bikes securely to the rack. The cord just withdraws right into the racheting arm when it’s not in use. Most importantly, the system leaves adequate room in between locked cycles so they don’t get tangled up in each other, as well as you can be ensured your bikes will certainly stay steady even when you struck the highway– or a bumpy crushed rock roadway. At 51 pounds, this is larger than some racks, however it certainly gets the job done. Just be warned: Don’t mount this rack on a trailer or a similar towed lorry. For an extra cost, you can get an extension that lets you toss one more 2 bikes on this for an overall lug of 4.

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BUYING GUIDES: Choose Hitch Rack

Advice On Buying Hitch Rack:

There are many features that can affect your decision. Let’s have a look at them all.

Loading capacity:

Know your bike’s weight and do careful research on the maximum load of the racks you’re considering. E-bikes are more substantial than usual mountain bikes. Therefore they need sturdier models like one from Thule.

Support Functions:

Tilting: easier to load your bike on the rack.

Swing-away: suitable for SUVs, trucks, hatchbacks that have cargo doors. You won’t have to unload your bikes to access the cargo area.

Platform Racks vs. Hanging Racks:

Platform Racks vs. Hanging Racks:

Usually, people will look for Platform racks because of its longevity, high security with least contact to the bikes, as well as compatibility with various types of bikes. Yet the price can be troublesome if you don’t intend to spend a large amount of money on the rack. Hanging one, in the opposite, is the affordable choice. It has better mobility than platform racks also. However, it won’t be so good at securing bikes. Neither is the sturdiness.


A rack built from excellent materials will have a longer lifespan than the others, such as regular plastic. You would want to invest your money on something worthy, not causing later troubles.


A more massive rack is believed to be a sturdier one. It is only if you don’t have any problem with the usual unpacking the mechanism. Otherwise, a lightweight one is suitable for someone who has to uninstall it frequently or little experience in doing so.

Wheel & Tire size:

Take note if you have fat bikes or kids’ bikes that require suitable racks.

Special material:

These premium bikes made of carbon fiber will need extreme care and least frame contact. You can search for the racks in the upper price range that can protect your carbon rig the best.


Racks with hitch locks give you added security.


How do I quit my bike from striking each other on the shelf?

Use a few zip lock bands or bungee cords to keep them extra safe and secure while en route relocating in the future. Will absolutely maintain your bicycle parts from rubbing or banging against each other while mounted on the bike provider.

Should my bike shelf wobble?

Any type of rack with a routine slide-through pin will wobble. If you want one that does not wobble as a lot, obtain one that has a threaded pin that you have to use a wrench or cog on. Even with every one of this, every shelf will have play in the style.

Do you require a tow drawback for a bike shelf?

Spare tire bike shelfs do not call for a hitch and also can allow for towing a trailer while lugging bikes.


If you have already spent a great deal of money on your beloved bikes, shouldn’t you hesitate to invest a decent rack that gives the bikes full protection? After all, it will accompany you for a long time as your bike. We hope you have found the right match from our list!

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