Our Story | Camping Carnival

Hello friends! I am Carl Smoot. I am in love with camping and each and everything related to it and maybe that is the reason that I am in love with this industry. With an experience of 15 years now, I am a dedicated trainer, blogger and innovator in this field.

Starting from the ways of telling you guys the way in which camping is done, which places are the most apt for the group to camp upon, what are the necessary items that you must have while camping, how much does it cost your pockets and all the questions related to camping are answered here.

The main motto of forming the website was just that the audience like you who are not aware of how things are done and how easily that can be done is guided in a proper manner.

It is a friendly site where you are taught the DIY ways to camping, the information about the tourism industry and new places to visit are always updated, the product reviews and the how to guides along with the tips are shared.

This sharing and caring is in the blood of Camping Carnival as we believe in the provision of utmost services to our clients. We believe that anyone who visits our page gets the information he/she wants.

Therefore, I lay considerable amount of pressure on delivering quality content on the site. It is this quality and standard that makes us the topmost site in terms of reaching out to search about the new trends and products in the camping industry.

Apart from being the companion who shares useful information with you, I am also a man who believes in using products that are of supreme quality and can be depended upon in situations like camping. And it is because of this habit of mine, I have started offering some products under the umbrella of the website.

These products are designed keeping in mind the harsh conditions of the outdoors and the durability of the products is checked on several parameters. I, myself, have checked these products so that no compromise is made with the person who buys it.

I believe that the visitor or the buyer should come again and again back on my website so that a constant bond and trust is developed over time. This can only happen when the visitor or the buyer gets what he/she wants.

Provision of all the services related to camping is the mission of Camping Carnival. The carnival is nothing but the spirit inside us which yearns to enjoy and have a good time.

It is noticed in common practice that the modern lifestyle has made us slaves of the machines. Seldom do we take time to explore the outside world and go close to nature.

This lost art is what the Camping Carnival wants to resume. It wants to bring about a change so that each and every one of us plans the holidays and do camping. Camping is important from various points of views:

    • It teaches us to stay self-sufficient with the material that is kept in the tent
    • It enables us to discover new facets of nature
    • It allows us to meet with ourselves and communicate with self
    • It allows us to understand that human and nature live in harmony
    • It broadens the mindsets and teaches humans to respect nature and stop pollution
    • It gives us a new hobby to be developed in the leisure time, be it poetry, painting or meditating

Camping can be altogether a holy experience. As for me, I would say that I consider it to be just like a holy meditation where I enjoy each and every single part of it.

This website also caters to solve those questions that you have in your mind regarding camping and its allied activities. It allows you to understand that camping is a wonderful experience in itself.

The website was made by me with the initial intention of being self-fascinated by the subject. But as I started moving one step ahead of the other, I realized that not many people were aware of this wonderful experience.

This is when Camping Carnival got its true identity and I started serving the audience with everything that I had. Along with providing reviews of the products in the market, I also started selling the products manufactured under my supervision.

The plan has been executed wonderfully well till now. I focus upon serving more and more people and solving their queries regarding camping.

I want the people of the world to leave their homes (their comfort zones) and try out this all new enthralling experience of camping in the woods, near the beach, in the gardens or nearby any hill station.

This is what will bring about the true nature of human being to play and he/she will be able to work at their best potential level.